IU (이지은)

IU (이지은)
Videos: 676
  • Country: Korea, Republic of
  • City: Seoul
  • Age: 30
  • Height: 162
  • Profession: N/A
  • Sign of the zodiac: N/A
Porn choice of the day: IU deepfakes (아이유 딥페이크)! This beautiful kpop singer is, honestly, an obvious choice. Lee Ji-eun is just sooooo cute and so fuckable, dammit! It's hard to resist face swapping her lovely face into even more hardcore sex scenes...

Every day we dedicate at least an hour to prayers and ritualistic sex orgies at the altar of deep learning software that lets us create fake porn. It's a task we perform happily, knowing that thousands of kpop fans are waiting for more nude IU videos (누드 아이유 어른들의 비디오) to come out. And when all words are said and all jizz is jizzed, we feed photos of our beloved idol into the AI machine. And so the process of making a new erotic FakeApp tape begins!

While this super smart application works its magic and makes a face swap, we are busy photoshopping Lee Ji-eun in sex scenes pictures (이지은 섹스 장면 인공 지능) and onto cute cat memes. No, we aren't perverts (maybe a little), she just fits so well into these images! Besides, it's good for fueling our primal hunger for sweet Korean singers, y'know? Come on, everybody knows by now that putting cat ears onto any girl instantly makes her sexier.

And so, a small eternity passes, and here it is, our fresh piece of this never-ending deepfakekpop porn cake! Are you ready for it? Do you have enough lotion and tissues? Did you lock the door? Alright. Get into the fap position, take a deep breath and don't blink. Here it comes: a new fake sex tape with kpop idol IU (딥페이크 아이유 섹시한 케이팝 아이돌) for your enjoyment!

IU (이지은) Deepfake Porn — New

IU (이지은) Nude Photo Fakes — New

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IU (이지은) deepfake videos were created by enthusiasts using DeepFaceLab software.
All videos are published purely for entertainment purposes without intention to harm anyone.
IU (이지은) nude photos are fakes.

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